How to Make Family Tree in MS PowerPoint – Guide

A family tree shows connections and relationships between different members based on their hereditary background. It is a simple chart type that consists of a tree-like structure that branches downwards or downwards from oldest to newest. These types of charts are common in the medical field and are studied by genealogists. Basic family trees are also part of school courses to help children assess and learn about their family history. If you want to create a family tree, you can use different apps and drawing tools. Many graphic creation tools are available today, but PowerPoint is ideal for creating a family tree. First, you can create any kind of family tree using the robust PowerPoint features. You can create a completely text-based family tree or add photos and symbols. You can even animate the family tree and share it online with family and friends. Another reason to use PowerPoint for your family tree is its ease of use. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn quickly. how to use the most basic functions. And finally, PowerPoint has plenty of templates to get you started. This means that even if you are not a graphic designer, you can create an impressive family tree.

How to Create a Family Tree in Microsoft PowerPoint

Open a new PowerPoint file and choose a layout for your chart

Choose a SmartArt graphic

On the SmartArt graphics icon, click the Hierarchy option in the list in the left pane. SmartArt graphics are used by many people and companies in presenting their information. Click the first option in the hierarchy group. When making family trees, the first option is best as it allows you to add a wizard. An assistant, in this case, will represent a spouse.

Open SmartArt tools

Click on the ribbon to launch SmartArt Tools that will help you select the best options for your family tree.

Add members to the family tree

In the boxes available in the hierarchy group, type the names of family members. The size and font will adjust as you type the names. Adding a new member to Microsoft Family Tree means adding a new box. To achieve this: Click on the border of a specific shape where you want to add a new box. A drop-down menu will appear, click Add Shape button to select from the various options where you want to add the shape. You are required to add new boxes whenever you want to add a new family member. Also make sure that all shapes resemble the main shape to avoid confusion and increase uniformity.

Open a text box to enter and edit text

Click the Insert tab on the ribbon if it is not already selected. Then click on the text box icon to draw your favorite text box. Once all this is done, you can comfortably type the appropriate text.

Create a nice background for your family tree

Cliparts and photographs are mostly used in the background for PowerPoint presentations. The photo or clip art you use for the family tree will be stretched to fit all of your slides. Change the settings to ensure the background image or clip art fits well and effects are resolved.

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