How to make GIF on iPhone – Guide

Although the Internet has evolved into something of a tech paradise over the past 30 years, the allure of low-tech animated GIFs has remained. up better than most observers predicted in the age of social media. GIF generation is now automated and all you need is your smartphone, unlike before 2000, when you needed computer-based graphics software to bring a sequence of still photographs to life. You can produce GIFs on your iPhone in a variety of ways using Apple’s Live Photos or third-party applications. Let’s show you how this is done. If you are not interested in creating and designing your own custom GIF from scratch, we recommend using the GIF Finder in Apple Messaging. To find and share GIFs with friends and family, add a GIF using the #images function in Messages in the iPhone app. If you hold the Camera shutter button for longer than it takes to capture a single image, iOS 14 will start the video camera instead of photo burst mode, as in previous versions. You must press and hold the shutter button while sliding it to the left if you want to make a sequence of photos with several still frames in full quality. Be warned that it takes some time to get used to this particular move. When you don’t want to shoot a movie, use burst images to mimic flipbook animation designed to draw activities or create unique effects. With the Shortcuts app included on your iPhone, they’re especially useful for creating animated GIFs. The free Giphy app, arguably the best known GIF creator available today, is a study in visual insanity. Although Facebook now owns Giphy, the app is still accessible from the App Store. The only difference is that you must now create an account and log in using Facebook, Apple ID or face recognition. With Giphy, you can choose from a large selection of free GIFs for every occasion. You can also use your own photos from your photo library or make a new photo or video and add animated stickers, text, filters and even augmented reality (AR) effects.

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