How to Make Invisible iPhone Home Screen Widgets – Guide

Apple’s iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets were a big hit that went beyond the tech community and into the mainstream. We’ve seen some great options like Widgetsmith and Pastel for creating custom widgets, and Clear Spaces is another handy app for creating a custom home screen layout with transparent iPhone widgets. Using standard or custom widgets is a great way to create a personalized iPhone home screen, but often you are still forced to fill the entire screen with apps or widgets. There are some solutions to create invisible app icons with colors corresponding to the home screen so they don’t stand out but take up an app space to allow for custom layouts (no jailbreak). One of the limitations, however, is that a solid-color or largely solid-color background image should be used for best results. Clear Spaces for iPhone is an application that lets you create custom transparent widgets that work with any background image. Currently, 2×2 or 2×4 (small and medium) widgets are available. Another app you can combine with Clear Spaces if you want even more options is Transparent App Icons. As the name suggests, you can create custom transparent apps. Back in Clear Spaces, it works by taking a screenshot of your wallpaper, placing the widget on the wallpaper, and then choosing which part of the screenshot you want the transparent widget to mirror.

How to make iPhone invisible home screen widgets

In this article, we will use a widget application to create home screen widgets. Among a handful of apps, TWid and Yidget are my favorites because they work reliably and are available for free. As the process is quite similar, you can choose any of these widget apps to get started. I will be using Yidget to create transparent widgets. Make sure you download the widget app on your iPhone before proceeding with the steps.

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