How to make iPhone automatically switch to strongest Wi-Fi – Guide

Wi-Fi signals have a limited range. So if you live in a two-story house or work in a larger office, you may have set up multiple routers or repeaters to ensure full WiFi coverage. Unfortunately, Android handles transitioning between networks very poorly. The main problem with this is that Android doesn’t disconnect from the first WiFi network until the signal strength drops completely to zero. In this case, your device will not switch to a different network, even if it is stronger and closer than your original network. From here, just scroll down the list, find all the networks you want to connect to (this part may require you to move home or office if out of range) and check the boxes next to the Preferred option. Wifi Switcher ensures that from now on your device only connects to networks marked as “Preferred”. Well, thank the gods of developers, because the Cloudie development team made an app to fix all that. you can set up Preferred Wi-Fi networks for beginners – but you can even choose the lowest signal strength you want before moving on to the next preferred network. All of this can be done without root access and works the same on 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, so you’re always connected to the best Wi-Fi network available.

Steps to make iPhone automatically switch to stronger WiFi:

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