Since Android and iOS have been vying for dominance in the mobile market for so long, it has become harder for third-party developers to release something new and intriguing. any OS home The screen is a valuable asset as it includes a variety of widgets and programs for quick access. Due to Android’s extensive customization capabilities, many iPhone owners have altered their iPhones to look like Android. On iPhone, folders have the same design as app icons. Up up to nine program icon previews of the folder are displayed. A folder stretches to fill the entire screen when it is opened, with the folder’s name appearing at the top.

3 Ways to Make Your iPhone Look Like an Android Device

Use Google apps

Living in the Google ecosystem will make your iPhone feel more like an Android device, which may seem pretty apparent. This year, the Gmail app for iOS (opens in new tab) has had a complete overhaul and now works much more like the Android version. Gmail is just one of Google’s many apps; there are others too, including Google Maps Calendar, Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, Keep, and more. One of the biggest cloud storage services available is Google Drive, which offers 15GB of free space, and Photos, which offers unlimited photo backup (4PB). You can create documents using Docs and Sheets and carry them with you wherever you go.

Get a widget launcher app

The notification shade, which is somewhat similar to Control Center on iOS but much more extensive, is a fantastic feature from Android. You can also modify the buttons that appear on the notification screen on some Android devices, giving you instant access to a variety of options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Blue Light Filter, Power Saving Mode, Location Services, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, NFC and a lot more. Even though the Control Center in iOS 11 is more feature rich than ever, it still lacks some of the features seen in Android’s notification shade. In addition, such feature will never be available in Today View widgets.

change your keyboard

One of the easiest and perhaps least surprising methods to make your iPhone more Android-like is to change your keyboard. The best option and possibly the most similar to Apple’s in terms of searching for GIFs is Google’s Gboard (opens in a new tab), but that may be where the similarities end. With Gboard, you can easily share this information in Messages and perform Google searches in whatever app you’re using.

Final Words

So here we end our article on how to Make your iPhone look like an Android device. At this time of year, Apple steals the show with its latest versions of iPhone and iOS. Even if some of you don’t mind, we recently discovered that at least 25% of our audience has switched to Apple. Here are some simple suggestions to make the transition easier and your iPhone feel a little more like Android, whether you’re new to iOS or a seasoned user.

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