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The Windows 11 update is coming, with a redesigned interface and a powerful new features coming to the operating system when it is released on October 5th. The company’s biggest updates to Windows since the release of the previous version (Windows 10) in 2015 will not be available to all users, thanks to stringent new hardware requirements. For users who have compatible hardware, Microsoft is promising useful news features like continuous updates with Windows 11. Now the company explained how to make them all work after users upgrade to the new operating system.

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Windows 11 download becomes perfect: one of the biggest challenges when using a desktop or laptop Windows 10 or Windows 8 computer is caused by Windows updates as they take a long time to install. So, for it to work, just click on some tabs. Previously, installing updates and restarting a PC was a messy and time-consuming task. Microsoft has now added continuous updates to Windows 11, which means updates will install to the system in the background, and the user will only have to restart the computer when the download is done without a single “install” screen such as Reports latest Windows. Google also introduced a similar system for Android a few years ago, which allows manufacturers to use the same technique to allow for continuous updates. Windows 11 – Size and Speed: Similarly, the company is also changing the way updates are delivered, reducing the size of updates. Instead of zipping updates, the company checks the packages the user has installed and just downloads the updated components, which reduces the download size and makes updates much faster than before. This is something similar to what Linux desktop operating systems such as Fedora and Red Hat Linux have offered for years, in the form of Delta RPMs, which also download parts of the update required by the system. Not only that, Microsoft will change for a year feature update template. Previously, Microsoft brought out this major update twice a year. Windows 11 Download: Microsoft will also reduce the stress of updates by downloading updates and installing them in the background only when the user is not using the PC. However, it is currently unclear exactly what will happen to users who manually install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC – Microsoft has already informed users that they will not be eligible to receive Windows updates on unsupported PCs and laptops, when Windows 11 arrives. Windows 11 download when released – How to

  1. Go to system settings
  2. Look for a new update. When the update is available, it can be seen.
  3. Click install.
  4. Reset

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