But you also need to learn a brand-new operating system that occasionally behaves and functions like Android but occasionally can seem very different from the standard controls. Apple has gotten much more tolerant in recent years when it comes to user customization of the iOS user interface. The introduction of widgets with iOS 14 opened up a whole new universe of possibilities, whereas the corporation previously maintained a tight rein on what consumers could do with their iPhones. Google wrote a blog post explaining how users can add a little bit of Android flavor to the iOS 15 home screen in light of this and in the aftermath of the release of the iPhone 13 to address this. Naturally, a lot of their suggestions concentrate upon utilizing Google services and apps. It’s true that iPhone enthusiasts might not find the advice interesting or practical. We mentioned below are the steps to make new iPhone feel like an Android.

Steps to make new iPhone feel like an Android

Rearrange iOS 15 home screen

Widgets make it simple to rearrange the iOS 15 home screen. Naturally, Google advises that you utilise their own widgets, as doing so will offer your device a distinctly more Android feel. The iPhone below contains several Google widgets, including Google Maps and Google Fit, as you can see. The dock has been partially rearranged, as well. There are three icons at the bottom as opposed to four. There are two Google apps among them. Other personalization options are being highlighted by Google, including a home screen for work and one for students. The home screen of iOS 15’s “work” theme is quite fashionable.

Make Google Chrome your default web browser

On desktop, Google Chrome is significantly more popular than Safari. Even only because it’s the default web browser on the iPhone, mobile Safari is the most popular choice. However, setting Chrome as your default online browser is a rather easy process. Step 1: Open the Chrome app on your iPhone to make Chrome your default browser. Step 2: Select the option for Default browser in the preferences window. Step 3: To set Chrome as your default browser, open the Chrome app on your iPhone. Step 4: Go to the settings panel and select Default browser.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to make new iPhone feel like an Android. You now own an iPhone and must use it for the foreseeable future. It’s alright. Perhaps you had great anticipation for it at first, but now that the novelty has worn off, you’re jealously eyeing your friends’ Android phones and feeling a little bit of buyer’s remorse. Keep your jealousy from consuming you. Even though iOS is relatively tightly restricted, there are a few things you can do to your iPhone to make it more similar to an Android device.

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