How To Make Prank Calls From Android – Guide

Hello friends, today I am going to introduce you to a provocative Android app that will let you prank your friends and loved ones by hiding your exact phone number. Everyone must have experienced at least one prank call from our circle of friends. So now is the time to have fun with your friends via phone calls from an unknown number. If you want to prank and celebrate together with your friends, here we propose the simplest application for your Android device. But before that, you need to understand the legal issues with spoofing. Now you may ask me is spoofing legal? My answer would be no. As far as legality is concerned, if you’re just using this app to prank a friend and as long as you’re protecting your privacy, it’s totally legal. But if you’re about legality, if you’re just using this app to prank a boyfriend and as long as you’re protecting your privacy, then it’s totally legal. But if you are causing some harm to someone or if you falsify a phone number for crime then this is completely wrong and you may face legal problems as per the law of your country. So let’s take a look how to prank someone hiding their real phone number. After searching these apps for your Android device on the Google Play Store, you will likely get a lot of results. But believe me, most of them will just be trash with too many commercials.

How to prank your Android

Here in this tutorial we are going to explore a job trick about how to prank calls from your Android smartphone. So let’s check out the trick.

Using FonePhreak

As we said, there are many apps available on the Google Play Store that can make a prank call. However, not all are effective. We have personally found that FonePhreak works very well for changing caller ID.

Final note

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