How to Make Signal the Default Messaging App for Android Device – Guide

The Signal app on Android not only offers secure conversations, but it can also be used as the default SMS messaging app on Android. The benefit of using Signal as your default texting app is that it makes for a seamless experience. You can chat with your contact via SMS and Signal app at the same time. In this post, you will learn how to make Signal your default SMS app on Android. If you use , enable SMS delivery reports and WiFi call compatibility mode. When you are done, even if the contact is not in Signal, you can send a text message or switch from Signal message to text message in Signal app. This is useful as it keeps the conversation in the same place when you’re out of data. once you defined up Signal as a texting app, you will see both Signal and non-Signal contacts. To easily see which contact is signaled and which is not, open the contact and see if there is an open padlock icon in the upper left corner. This means that chatting with this contact is not secure. Also, the contact does not have the video and call icon.

Setting Signal as Your Main SMS App

Once you set Signal as your Android device’s default messaging app. You can see your entire contact list appear in Signal. From that list of contacts, those who are using the Signal app, you will see them under the blue color alphabet which is the first alphabet of their names. Others who do not have Signal installed, their names will be displayed in gray.

SMS not secure

When trying to call a contact who is not using Signal, you will see an unlocked padlock on the phone call icon. This means the call is not encrypted. In the message typing box, you will see it says SMS not secure. This means that no encryption will take place in the conversations you carry out. But when you try to send a message to someone who uses Signal like you, you have two options if you tap and hold the send message button. You can send the message as insecure SMS or in the regular encrypted way as offered ingenuously by Signal.

Final note

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