How To Make Taskbar Fully Transparent in Windows 11 – Guide

By default, the taskbar in Windows 11 covers the entire screen from left to right. In Windows 11, Microsoft adjusted the default orientation to center, but in the process it lost some taskbar options. Even simple actions that weren’t completely missed, like changing the size of the taskbar, are no longer simple on Windows 11 machines. Third-party software comes to the rescue; apps like Taskbar 11, RoundedTB or Start11 return features that Microsoft has eliminated or made it impossible to adjust by default, such as moving the taskbar to the top. Windows 11 users who want to make their taskbar translucent can do so too. Although the operating system allows you to apply a transparency effect to windows and the taskbar, it is not a full transparency effect. Also, if Windows 11 is not active, you will not be able to update these options.

Here’s how you control it:

Third-party software is required to make the taskbar fully transparent in Windows 11.

A transparent Windows 11 taskbar

Download the latest version of the TranslucentTB open source application from the GitHub repository. I reviewed the program in 2017. Download the TransluscentTB.appinstaller file from the repository and run it to install the application on the device. The application adds an icon to the system tray area when it runs. Right-click the icon and select Desktop > Clear for a fully transparent taskbar. The application supports other taskbar states; Play around with those to find what works best for yours. Colors can be customized for each state except normal state.

Final note

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