Guide: How to Make the Edge Brows­er Ad-Free

Microsoft’s fledgling Edge Browser has undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention in the browser universe. It’s pretty fast, sleek, and gets the job done on Windows 10. But it’s still not worthy enough to take on other tough opponents like Chrome and Firefox, with the lack of extension support. No extensions means no Adblock. Well, if you are a power user of Windows 10, this shouldn’t stop you from using it. Where there is will, there is always a way. Edge browser, talk to the hand | RoSonic / We have already discussed some of them tips and great features the Edge Browser. Now, here we want to show you how to block the annoying ads on Edge. And you can do it in 3 different ways.

1. EdgeAdBlock

EdgeAdBlock is a handy little open source software specially developed to block ads in Edge browser. Actually it is not software. It is basically a batch file that performs some registry hacks to prevent ad networks from showing in the browser. Institution up the file is quick and easy. First, download the ZIP folder from their website. Extract it to another folder. Now open the Edge Adblock.bat file with administrator access. So right click on it and select Run as administrator.

Now you will be prompted for UAC (User Account Control) permissions. Tap Yes. Then you will see the following screen.

To enable Adblock now, you need to enter 1 and hit enter. Then you get a pop-up ask if you want the software to edit the registry. Tap Yes.

After completion, the Adblock will be enabled. You can now check if the ads are blocked or not in the Edge browser. If you want to disable the Adblock, just enter 2 in the batch file. Again, you have to run it as an administrator for it to work. Apparently this Adblock is applied to browsers. Since this is a host file, it will block all ads from showing up on the system, regardless of which browser you use.

2. Adguard for Edge Browser

Well, the small batch file above didn’t give you any control over what it did. But here’s an actual ad blocking software that can help you control which ads you want to see and which you don’t. Also with someone else features that you probably won’t use. Adgaurd is the software we will be using to block ads in the Edge browser. Download it and install it. After the installation is complete, you should be presented with the configuration options.

You can choose the options according to your needs. They speak for themselves. Hit Continue and you should go to the main interface. Here are some settings related to ad blocking and browser protection. You also get parental control settings for your smart child.

If you think some web publishers deserve to show ads based on what they serve, you can whitelist them from the Add an exception tab.

And again, Adgaurd works not only for Edge, but other browsers as well.

3. Adblock without delay when loading websites

If you notice it correctly, you will see a slowdown in websites loading while using EdgeAdblock. This is because the Hosts file is too large to handle. The Windows DNS cache becomes less responsive and takes more time to filter out ads and malicious content from the website being loaded. Well, there is a quick fix provided by Winaero. Go to the link. There you will find another Hosts file created by another person. This hHosts file and the EdgAdblock hosts file are mostly the same. You can use both. Love Edge but hate Bing? You may want to change the default search engine to Google on Edge Browser.


The Edge browser is expected to get extension support in the upcoming Redstone update. But it will be interesting to see how the developers and users make the best use of it. If you have any questions about the article, let me know in the comments.

How to Make the Edge Brows­er Ad-Free: benefits


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