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A change in friendly fire settings means that traditional weapons won’t harm their animal companions. Valheim’s butcher knife has a special purpose. has been added to the fireplace and Home update specifically to kill the animals that fell in love with you. I know it sounds terrible, but players tame and cultivate wild boar, wolves and smoked salmon not just for company but for resources. I’m not saying we don’t love our pets, but we also love turning them into food, clothing, and craft components, especially as the update has added more uses for them. In the past, you could kill domesticated animals with any ancient weapon, but this led to many accidental animal deaths during monster fights. the fireplace and Home The update requires you to activate friendly fire or your weapons will not deal any damage to tamed creatures. And since most people play with friendly fire, you might want to create a butcher knife for when it’s time to harvest your flock.

Valheim butcher knife: How to make a

The butcher knife recipe is very simple: If you’ve been away from the game for a while, you can find tin deposits in the Black Forest biome along riverbanks, lakesides or in the ocean. dig them up up with pickaxe and melted into tin ingots in his furnace. And we have instructions on how to create and update a Valheim forge here. With your new butcher knife, it doesn’t matter if friendly fire is on or off, you can kill your tamed creatures and do things with them. Hard, yes. But useful and very tasty.

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