How to Make Your iPhone The Perfect Google Phone – Guide

Apple loads the iPhone with lots of useful apps and the company’s services are super easy to connect and use. However, Google offers some amazing apps and services that work great on the iPhone too. This is particularly convenient if Windows, Android or Chrome OS is being used on another computer, tablet or smartphone, as Google services work on virtually everything and Google apps are available for most devices. While competition from tech companies is sometimes portrayed as a struggle, they generally work well together. For example, engineers at Apple and Google sometimes combine features to resolve an issue, such as contact tracking technology that helps smartphones identify potential exposure to COVID-19. Google’s search engine is the default choice on the iPhone, and Apple even uses Google’s cloud services. Google also makes several free apps for the iPhone, including its popular Google Maps and one of the best slide-in keyboards, the Gboard. Google recently shared some tips about how to bring the best of Google to an iPhone 13. Google develops apps for the iPhone as well as Android, which means that Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar are accessible on the Apple smartphone and are very similar to their Android versions. Google Maps provides instructions, while Google Chrome provides easy access to bookmarks and passwords that can be used on an Android or Windows device. Not to mention YouTube and YouTube Music make it easy to track subscriptions, favorite channels and artists. Many of these Google apps also have iOS widgets available, resulting in quick access and information at a glance.

Integrating Google into the iPhone

Apple opened up some previous restrictions on iOS recently, allowing Google Chrome to be set as the default browser using Chrome settings. Gmail can also be set as the default email app, making it much more convenient by tapping an email link. This option is found in the Settings app under the Mail tab. Google Calendar events and Gmail email can also be used in Apple’s Calendar and Mail apps. Once these accounts are added through the Settings app, Google Calendar events will appear in Apple Calendar and trigger notifications as expected. With a Gmail account added to Mail, emails via Google will arrive and can be sent using the built-in Mail app. If the Google Drive app is installed, a tab can be added to the Files app to make it easy to move files between iPhone and Google cloud storage. Google Photos is a great choice for budget-conscious iPhone owners, allowing photos and videos to be synced and released from the iPhone for free up space. Snapseed is another great Google photo app as it has some powerful image editing features and is completely free. The Google app also provides easy access to the company’s advanced AI-powered Google Lens image analyzer, in addition to the Google Assistant. For anyone using Google services, the iPhone is now surprisingly adept at most supports and offers a variety of apps and integrations to make this easier.

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