How to Manage Background Refresh for Apple Watch Apps – Guide

Background app refresh is the kind of function that requires careful management. If you don’t keep up, your Apple Watch will suffer from rapid battery drain. Fortunately, dealing with background refresh for apps on Apple Watch is pretty straightforward. So, if you have seen an unexpected power loss on your watchOS system or you want to take the necessary measures in advance, then read on to learn how to Customize your Apple Watch apps for background app refresh.

How to Manage Background Refresh for Apps on watchOS

Background app refresh plays an important role in ensuring the app runs smoothly. While there is no denying the truth that it is quite useful to improve the person’s experience, it remains one of the energy-intensive options. Like iOS, watchOS means you can allow/disable background app refresh for a selected app on your Apple Watch. And if you want to turn it off completely to protect your smartwatch’s battery life, there’s also a way to do it because of the “Master” switch. So what’s the trick? While not a problem in itself, keep in mind that apps with issues on the current watch face will continue to update on the Apple Watch even when the background app refresh setting is turned off. All that said, let’s get started!

Enable/Disable Background App Refresh Using Watch iPhone App

I suggest you disable the switch for every app you don’t use normally and keep the switch enabled for the ones you use most often. Also, there is a background app refresh toggle in prime heart. In case your Apple Watch consumes a lot of battery, otherwise you want to decrease useless battery consumption, turn off this control button.

Enable/Disable Background App Refresh on Apple Watch

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