Sure, it can take a lot of work to accomplish this and keep things organized, but it will be worth it considering how productive it will make you. The introduction of Google Chrome in 2008 ushered in a new era of web browsers. Chrome was not only faster and more stable than its predecessors, but it also introduced a new way to bookmark websites. In 2022, Chrome will evolve to make bookmarking your favorite websites even easier and faster. One of the biggest changes will be the ability to automatically sync your bookmarks with other devices. This way, your bookmarks will always be up to date, whether you’re using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. And if you accidentally delete a bookmark.  We have mentioned steps below to Manage Bookmarks in Chrome

How to Manage Bookmarks in Chrome

Accessing the Bookmark Manager

Creating new bookmark folders

Editing a bookmark

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Manage Bookmarks in Chrome. You can make a bookmark—a link to a website—when you find one you wish to visit again later. On desktop and mobile devices, the Google Chrome web browser offers straightforward methods for creating, editing, organizing, and deleting bookmarks.

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