How to manage the battery of your Android mobile – Guide

Let’s not say it’s decisive, but the truth is that when we buy a new one mobile we care a lot about how much autonomy we take home. Whether it’s going to be a lot or a little and whether it’s possible that it won’t last a whole day. Therefore, keeping energy consumption under control becomes an important element. Also, within the Android landscape there is huge fragmentation, so there is no single magic formula with which to make all existing device batteries stretch like gum beyond what they can handle, so we can only resort to generic advice. , which give you an idea of ​​what menus and options you can tap on your smartphone. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. How do we control the battery? As we say, every Android mobile it is a world and each one has different characteristics. If, in the case of iPhones, all users face the same challenges in the same way (they share hardware and software), within the Google OS this changes and we can find models with much more capacity than others and, above all, less efficient facilities than others. So, to start, let’s go to the “Settings” of the terminal to start the process. Once inside, you’ll see something similar to what Samsung calls “Maintenance and Battery”. By tapping there, we can check the smartphone status and tap up certain elements to extend its autonomy. As you can see, we have a part where we see graphs that indicate the consumption made in the previous hours or the expected expenditure, so that we can have an idea of ​​which hours of the day we demand more of the phone. But what we are going to look for is the option “Limits of use of the fund”. This point is essential because it allows us to tweak what the system considers its default configuration, to eliminate those we consider non-essential from the list of always-on applications. Is it important to have online stores permanently connected? Or games we play just a few minutes a day? You can manage all this to leave, exclusively, the most necessary: ​​email, social networks, radio, music, podcasts, etc. Of course, it also helps that we reduce the screen brightness but that’s something we always take into account when we’ve just arrived at three in the afternoon, we see that the mobile is already limping with only 30% battery life. So I said, take a few minutes to set up this part of Android and extend the battery life a few more minutes. >

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