How to Manually Tag a Face on Google Photos – Guide

Several months after confirming that manually tagging people in Google Photos would become a reality, the company finally introduces the feature which will allow users to manually add many of the faces the algorithm missed. Those who expected the feature would allow them to point to any area in an image and add a tag to it will be disappointed. the face tag feature still relies on the tech giant’s algorithm and its ability to recognize a person’s or pet’s face, Android Police reported on Wednesday. Whether the face is associated with a person profile already created in Google Photos or is a newly recognized face whose images have not yet been grouped, users can access manual tagging feature and edit, name or add a new tag. To manually tag people, open Google Photos and follow the steps below.

How to manually tag a face in Google Photos

Turn on face grouping

Tag faces in photos

Ordinary mobile device

on a computer

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