How to map a network drive on Windows 10 PC – Guide

Mapping a drive makes it easy to access information physically located on another computer. A mapped drive is a simple shortcut to a remote hard drive. If you assign a local drive letter to the remote hard drive, it will work just as consistently as your local drives. It’s perfect for storing data you may not have space for on your PC, accessing files from your tablet, backing up up content or share access with multiple users. Shared networks make data access easier for everyone on the network. For example, you can set up a dedicated network drive on your computer and allow everyone in your family to access it. This makes it easy to share items like family photos with your family members. But finding a specific shared folder and navigating to it every time someone wants to access it is very annoying. To save time and energy, you can map a network drive as a local drive. It looks like the shortcut on the local hard drive with its own letter and even opens as if it were on the drive, but the files are physically stored on a different computer or device. Mapping differs from mounting a drive in that it allows you to open remote files as if they were stored on your own computer, while mounting allows you to open a file as if it were a folder.

How to map a network drive in Windows 10 PC

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