How to Mark All iMessages Text as Read on iPad/iPhone – Guide

It probably doesn’t need a long explanation why ignoring a lot of text messages is risky business; an urgent request or other important information may be hidden in less important notifications. However, there are definitely situations where it makes more sense to mark all texts as “read” than to actually read them. Maybe you are part of some group messages whose conversation topics do not concern you or you have subscribed up for SMS notifications from retailers whose products no longer interest you. Anyway, there is an easy way for iPhone and iPad users to stop being insulted by the growing number of unread messages in the iMessage app icon. When you open the iMessages app on your phone or tablet, look for an ellipsis (three dots) in a circle in the upper-right corner. If you don’t see this, look for an “Edit” button in the upper left corner instead. Both buttons should give you a menu that includes the option “Select messages”. Select this option and an empty circle should appear next to each message string. If you want to mark certain conversations as “read”, tap the corresponding circles and then tap “Read” in the lower left corner. If you want to mark all unread messages as “read” at once, disregard the circles and simply tap “Read All” in the lower left corner. Unlike most email inboxes, iMessages cannot be sorted by “Read” status. So this hack is especially useful if you don’t find one or two unread messages in your message history. Check the steps below to find out how to mark all iMessages text as read.

How to Mark all iMessages text as read on iPad/iPhone

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