How to mark important text messages on Android – Guide

You don’t have to wait until Android 12 to get some new ones features For your phone. Google is releasing a collection of Android updates that should help in every way, especially if you are finding success with Messages and other chat apps. Android’s core update lets you highlight text in messages to quickly find them later. When a friend shares an address or a favorite photo, all you have to do is press and hold a message and tag it. After that, you can visit the Starred category to later retrieve this important chat snippet. O feature should arrive in Messages in the “next weeks”. like the star message feature on WhatsApp is useful as it allows you to save important information for later use. The star feature saves you the trouble of searching dozens, if not hundreds, of chats to find a specific important message. O feature it’s also easy to use and surprisingly identical to the WhatsApp star feature. However, with the Google Message app for Android, you can bookmark important messages to easily find them later. The star” feature on Google Message is quite simple, but quite useful. When you ‘start’ a text message in Google Message, it is saved in a ‘starred’ folder.

How to mark important text messages on android

The Google Messages app comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones. However, if your phone doesn’t have it, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Then follow some of the simple steps below to start your favorite text messages on Android.

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