How to Measure Distance and Area in Google Maps on Web/Android/iOS – Guide

Online mapping tools are essential for travel planning, but many also offer additional tools. Google Maps can measure distances in an area or in a straight line to help you make various decisions and satisfy your curiosity. For example, the tool is good for measuring the distance of tracks or determining the size of a terrain. Your software will automatically display the results in the units relevant to you. we will show exactly how to use these features, but there is a caveat. While some of features are cross-platform, Google Maps for Android or iOS can only measure the distance between two points. You’ll need a PC to work nearby, which would be our first choice for both devices due to the ease of use.

How to measure distance and area in Google Maps on Web/Android/iOS

How to measure distance in Google Maps on a computer

How to measure distance on Google Maps on an iPhone or Android

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