How to Merge Duplicate Contacts On Android via Google Contacts – Guide

When it comes to our cell phones, most of us prefer to organize everything, including documents, photos and videos. It turns out that your smartphone creates more than one copy of a single contact. This can happen when you accidentally sync all your contacts, change your SIM card, or reset your mobile device to factory settings. Multiple duplicate contacts can cause inconvenience by cluttering your contact list and up unnecessary storage space. Manually deleting each copy of your smartphone’s contacts can take a long time. To save time, you can simply follow these steps to delete multiple contacts from your smartphone. Several Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, One Plus, etc., offer built-in contact merging feature. It checks all contacts in your phone and allows you to merge duplicate contacts as you wish.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android via Google Contacts

Once you select the Merge Duplicates option, you will have two more options in the Contacts app. The first offers you to accept a single duplicate suggestion by tapping Merge. If you want to merge all possible duplicate contact suggestions, tap the Merge All button button. You might think Google wants you to take care of an all-or-nothing approach, but the Contacts app has another. trick. If you want to select which contacts you want to delete, here’s what you need to do.

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