How to Monitor Heart Rate Variability on Apple Watch and iPhone – Guide

The Apple Watch can be a fantastic health and fitness tool, but are you using the data it collects? read to learn how to see your Apple Watch heart Evaluate history by category, such as rest, walking, and exercise, as well as variability across days, months, and years. Apple Watch screenshots heart background frequency measurements to assess rest and walking heart even when you’re not recording a workout. In a supporting document. So now that you’ve stored all your fantastics heart rate data, let’s see how to Access this. let’s start seeing heart measure data on Apple Watch and see how to see even more heart Evaluate the data on iPhone, whether you want to share it with your doctor or simply want to verify it yourself.

How to see your Apple Watch heart rate history

On Apple Watch

on iPhone

checking your heart the rate history captured by Apple Watch on iPhone provides most of the data, here’s where to find it: Further down the main Heart section, you will see more data like Cardio Fitness, ECG results, blood pressure readings and low/high/irregular values heart notification rate. Here’s how it all looks on the iPhone: In each of the different heart rate categories, switch between H, D, W, M, Y options at the top to see your heart rate data over time. It’s interesting to be able to connect the dots looking back and use that movement to help manage stress, exercise, be more mindful, etc. If you swipe down from the main screen Heart Health app screen, you can see the highlights at the bottom, including ECG, blood pressure data and heart notification rate.

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