How to Move the Taskbar to the Left in Windows 11 – Guide

Windows 11 has some features and a nice new rounded corner aesthetic, but what’s the start button doing in the middle of the screen? Switching from a left-aligned taskbar to a center-aligned taskbar takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty easy to override Microsoft’s design decision and move the Start button button and taskbar icons back left. Over the decades of Windows, we’ve always had the ability to move the taskbar around on a whim. You can right-click the taskbar, uncheck the “Lock taskbar” button, and drag the bar to the other three sides of the screen. Some prefer the classic left or right side, similar to distributions like Ubuntu. This has often been helpful in getting the most out of the widescreen monitors that have become commonplace. With the latest version of Windows this is no longer possible and the option to lock the taskbar is gone from the taskbar menu. Luckily for us, there’s a tweak that lets you move the taskbar to either side of the screen in Windows 11. The process takes less than five minutes and is pretty straightforward if you follow the steps. Before proceeding, keep in mind that Windows 11 is still under development and has some basic bugs. In this case, the UI and taskbar are often broken. You will understand the essentials if we move the taskbar to the left edge of the screen.

How to move the taskbar to the left in Windows 11

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