How to mute notifications on iPhone – Guide

Notifications on your iPhone can be useful, but you don’t always want to be bothered phone calls, texts and all kinds of other notifications. Whether you’re busy or just craving some quiet time, you can control and disable notifications on your device for specific contacts and apps. Apple’s Do Not Disturb has been the easiest way to turn off notifications, now you can more easily control notifications when you’re sleeping or driving. There is also the ability to set up profiles for your personal and professional life.

How to mute notifications in your iPhone’s Notification Center

Since iOS 12 was released in 2018, the easiest way to silence push alerts that emphasize “pushy” is to go to the Notification Center on your iPhone. From the lock screen, just swipe up to get to the Notification Center. (On iPhones with Face ID unlock enabled, you may need to press and hold on the screen before swiping up.) If your phone is unlocked and swipe down from the top center of the screen. The Notification Center presents a list of all the notifications you’ve recently received, with notifications grouped by app and stacked on top of each other. Writing to that stack makes all the notifications you’ve received from that app spread out, where you can handle them individually. To get rid of all these notifications at once, tap the X button next to the Notification Center header. This will clear notifications, but not necessarily silence them. Instead, to mute notifications on your iPhone in Notification Center, swipe left on a notification for the app you want to mute. You will see three options Manage, View and Clear All. Tap Manage to have some control over how often the app notifies you. You can choose to receive notifications silently, which means they will not be displayed up on the lock screen and there will be no sound or banner alerting you about the arrival of the notification. You also have the option to completely disable notifications for this app.

How to mute notifications on your iPhone using Settings

If you prefer to see what kind of notifications each app on your phone is allowed to deliver, go to the Settings app. From there, tap on Notifications, it’s in the second bank of options below the settings to control your iPhone’s connectivity, where you’ll see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Tapping an app’s name takes you to the screen where you can control which notifications you see and the style in which they are displayed. There are options to disable sounds and badges, and you can also manage how or if notifications appear on the lock screen, Notification Center, and regular screen. Do you want to completely mute notifications for this app? Just swipe the Allow notifications button to turn them off.

How to mute notifications on your iPhone using Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a way to stop notifications and phone calls during times when you want to focus or sleep without your iPhone clamoring for your attention. You access Do Not Disturb through Settings. It’s actually just a few places below Notifications on the same screen. Tap on Do Not Disturb and on the next screen you will see a slider to enable the feature. When enabled, notifications and phone calls will be silenced. If there’s a regular time you want notifications to be silenced, say at night, you can schedule Do Not Disturb by toggling on Scheduled button. You will be prompted to set a time when Do Not Disturb is on and when it is off. You can further adjust who can pass through when Do Not Disturb is on by tapping Allow calls from. By default, everyone will pass, but you can restrict this to favorites, select groups from your contacts, or block them all completely. Enabling repeat calls button will allow calls from the same person to be answered if they call back within 3 minutes of their first attempt to contact you. This is iOS’ way of replacing Do Not Disturb in an Emergency. Your iPhone also has a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature which silences notifications and calls when you are in a moving vehicle or connected to your car’s Bluetooth. You can manually enable this in the Settings app or on the Control Center screen. You also use the settings to have the feature automatically turn on, effectively silencing notifications on your iPhone when you are driving.

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