How to Mute WhatsApp Chat Indefinitely – Guide

The popular instant messaging app “WhatsApp” has developed a new feature which allows users to mute groups or a personal chat forever. You used to mute someone for 8 hours, a week, or a year. You can now mute everyone forever by choosing “Forever” until you change your mind. WhatsApp chats will be activated when the time limit is up. With the Always option, you don’t have to go back to mute specific chats. WhatsApp shared the new update via its Twitter account. The “Always” option replaces the “1 year” option that was originally part of the settings. This new feature is available on iOS and Android devices as well as WhatsApp web. WhatsApp tested this feature in beta and is now being widely implemented in the stable version. For most WhatsApp users, there are always few groups and contacts that constantly annoy you by forwarding messages that are not for the majority. This news is also a reason for fake pandemic and hateful news. To deal with these groups, WhatsApp users had the option to mute chats for a maximum of one year. But recent WhatsApp updates give users the freedom to mute chats forever. Yes, you can mute chats for “Forever”!

How to Mute chat indefinitely on WhatsApp

That’s it! You have permanently muted notifications for a chat. You can turn on group notifications anytime, anywhere. To enable the group notification, you need to do the same process, hover over the group in your chat list, click on the options (three dots) and tap on Enable notification in the drop-down menu.

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