How to Open Control Panel on Windows 11 – Guide

The Microsoft Windows Control Panel allows the user to change various computer hardware and software functions. Mouse, monitor, sound, network and keyboard settings are just a few examples of what can be changed in the Control Panel. Below are examples of what the Control Panel looks like in Windows. The Windows Control Panel is a collection of applets or small programs used to configure various aspects of the Windows operating system. It’s been around since Windows 1.0, but it’s a little harder to find today than it used to be. If you’re having trouble finding the Windows 11 Control Panel, or wondering if Windows 11 even has one, it’s because too many Control Panels features have been moved to the most recent Settings menu. The Control Panel is still there, but it’s not very noticeable, and you’ll have to access it through Windows 11’s Search function or Command Prompt. The Settings menu is more noticeable and easier to reach.

How to Open Control Panel in Windows 11

One of the quickest ways to access the Control Panel is to use Search feature. To open the control panel using Search feature:

How to Open control panel using settings

Even if it’s not obvious, the Control Panel is available through the Settings app. To open the control panel using the Settings app:

How to Open Control Panel using Start Menu Windows Tools

Microsoft has added a new shortcut called Windows Tools to the Windows 11 Start menu, and the Control Panel is available through that shortcut. To open Control Panel using Windows Tools:

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