How to Open the Windows Terminal in Windows 11 – Guide

Windows 11 comes with Windows Terminal, a modern, fast, efficient, powerful and productive terminal application. You can easily open the Windows Terminal application by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop or by right-clicking on a folder in File Explorer. Windows Terminal comes with the various tabs feature which means you can open Command Prompt, PowerShell and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) in a single window. It allows you to have multiple tabs open and each tab will work independently.

How to Open Windows Terminal in Windows 11

The WinX menu includes a handy Windows Terminal shortcut with which you can open this application. To open Terminal through this menu, right-click the Start button button and select Windows Terminal (Admin). Alternatively, you can press Win + X to bring up up the menu. And yes, that’s how the WinX menu got its name.

Open Windows Terminal with the search tool

The Windows 11 search tool is always useful for finding built-in apps and tools. It’s not exactly an application launcher, but you can usually find and open any software you need to launch with the trusted search utility. This is How to open Windows Terminal with this search tool. The Start menu includes applications for most software on your desktop or laptop. So this is a pretty obvious place to start Windows Terminal. You can open Terminal from the Start menu like this.

Open Windows Terminal via Run

The Run tool is a useful accessory for launching built-in Windows applications. And as you can imagine, you can use it to launch Windows Terminal on Microsoft’s new desktop platform. Here it is how to open Windows Terminal with Run:

Open Windows Terminal with a desktop shortcut

Desktop shortcuts are one of the most straightforward ways to open software and applications. So adding a Windows Terminal shortcut to the desktop will give you a very quick way to open that application. Here’s How to set up a Windows Terminal desktop shortcut in Windows 11:

Open Windows Terminal with a keyboard shortcut

Pressing a shortcut key is an even more direct way to open Windows Terminal than clicking a shortcut on the desktop. if you set up a shortcut on the desktop, you can add a shortcut key to it. Just follow these steps to set up a Terminal keyboard shortcut.

Open Windows Terminal from the taskbar

Instead of having a shortcut on the desktop, you can add a Windows Terminal icon to the taskbar. You can then open Terminal from the taskbar without having to minimize the software windows. Here’s How to Windows Terminal to your taskbar.

Configure Windows Terminal to Run at Startup

Like other apps, you can set Terminal to open automatically when Windows starts. Windows Terminal includes a Start at machine startup option that you can enable to automatically open the application. To do this:

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