How to Open Windows PowerShell as Admin on Windows 10 – Guide

Currently, most users are familiar with Command Prompt, which is present in all versions of Windows. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important tools of the Windows operating system. However, Windows supports another powerful application, PowerShell, which can be used to perform a wide variety of operations. Just log in as an administrator and you can run PowerShell to manage configuration and automate tasks. PowerShell is a task-based automation and sophisticated scripting tool that can speed up up the administrator’s job. It instructs users to manage the device from the command line. In others words, you can say that PowerShell is an advanced form of cmd. So it is quite possible that this tool will replace the command prompt in the next few days. So here are some simple methods you can use to open PowerShell as an administrator in Windows 10.

How to open Windows PowerShell as administrator in Windows 10

Run PowerShell as administrator using the run window

Run PowerShell as administrator using Cortana’s search bar (for Windows 10)

Run PowerShell as Administrator from Command Prompt

Run PowerShell as Administrator in Task Manager

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