How to optimize Notched Phones for playing PUBG Mobile – Guide

Many hardcore gamers found it very difficult to play PUBG on their notched Android phones. In addition, the notch interferes with some elements of the game. As the controls part is hidden behind the notch. Also, while playing, you will also miss many important parts of the area you are playing in. Fortunately PUBG Mobile the developers have solved this problem and have a solution for it. With the latest update you now have a toggle button to optimize PUBG for notched smartphones. PUBG is the most popular game of recent times that captures the attention of all players. Regardless of age and interest, many people are interested in playing this game on their smartphone. It is released on almost all platforms including Android, Windows, iOS and others. This is considered to be one of the best battle royale games so far, where a player’s main objective is to survive to the end without getting killed. What attracts more and more people are its fantastic visuals, realistic graphics and the addictive factor that keeps players engaged. However, most of them bring up some problems they face while playing this game and the most common one is the interference of notches with certain game elements in PUBG Mobile. We recognize that notches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Developers face many difficulties to optimize apps or games by notches. In the last update, PUBG Mobile added a toggle button. You can use this to optimize PUBG game according to your Android phone punctuation.

Steps to enable notched mode in PUBG Mobile

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