How to optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Smartphones – Guide

Many hardcore gamers found it very difficult to play PUBG on their notched Android phones. In addition, the notch interferes with some elements of the game. As the controls part is hidden behind the notch. Also, while playing, you will also miss many important parts of the area you are playing in. Fortunately PUBG Mobile the developers have solved this problem and have a solution for it. With the latest update you now have a toggle button to optimize PUBG for notched smartphones. we are going to look how to optimize PUBG Mobile for android notched phones. Let’s take a look at the steps to optimize the game for notched screens. We recognize that notches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Developers face many difficulties to optimize apps or games by notches. In the last update, PUBG Mobile added a toggle button. You can use this to optimize PUBG game according to your Android phone punctuation. Now tap on the “Graphics” tab in the settings menu and scroll down to find the new “Non-default displays” option. Please note that the new setting is not yet available on all smartphones. For example, when the game is enabled on the OnePlus 6, it does not show the option and automatically moves the entire game to the right, leaving an ugly black bar.

Optimize PUBG Mobile for notched Phones

The notches come in different shapes and sizes which makes PUBG quite difficult Mobile developers to adapt the game’s UI to different notch styles. To solve this problem, PUBG Mobile recently received a special switch to optimize the game for notch screens, making it easier for users with a notch smartphone to optimize the game interface according to their smartphone design. See How to use configuration to optimize PUBG Mobile for your smartphone notch:

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