There’s a good reason why PC gamers choose Windows 11. You can tweak a variety of internal settings and third-party software to get the highest potential performance for playing your favorite MMORPG or battle royal games on Windows 11. This operating system it’s also compatible with almost every major PC game from the last two decades. So, we will talk about the best strategies to improve your Windows 11 computer gaming performance now.

Optimize Windows 11 with Game Mode

Looking for another option to extract the best gaming performance from Windows 10? Game mode is one of the main Windows settings for gaming. Discover more: If your PC supports Game Mode, resources will be managed to achieve the optimal frame rate. Also, Windows Update will be suspended. While this is one way to improve gaming performance on Windows 10, Game Mode is not perfect. Read on for more Windows 10 game tweaks.

Improve Online Game Performance: Disable Nagle’s Algorithm

Nagle’s algorithm basically bundles data packets at the cost of a smoother internet connection. It’s useful, but having Nagle’s algorithm enabled on your computer can contribute to latency issues when playing online. To disable this and improve gaming performance on Windows 10, start by checking your IP address: In the address bar, copy and paste the following path

Optimize Windows 10 Online Games with Faster DNS

If you are playing online multiplayer or relying on a remote gaming server on Windows 10, network traffic can cause problems. While upgrading to faster internet can help, it’s faster and cheaper to just make a few network tweaks. Your internet should now be faster which will help with online games.

Disable automatic updates for the best gaming PC settings

Windows 10 will automatically update your operating system and schedule a restart without your permission. About that feature is not activated often, you never want to be caught off guard and risk your save game. Not only can automatic updates restart Windows without warning, but downloading updates in the background will limit your network connectivity. While you cannot disable automatic restart, it can be delayed. To reduce the chance of Windows Update downloads interrupting game performance: By specifying when you will be using Windows 10, you can prevent Windows updates from being downloaded and installed during active hours.

Disable Notifications in Windows 10

the focus assistant feature in Windows 10 lets you specify how and when you receive notifications. Pop-ups and bells often accompany notifications, but they can interrupt games. Focus Assist lets you manage the level of focus you put into your work. This will minimize the impact of notifications, making them available for later verification.

Prevent Steam Auto-Update Games

If you use Windows to play games, you’re probably buying and installing games via Steam. One of the biggest annoyances with Steam is its update feature. This prevents you from preventing automatic updates on all your games. that can eat up memory by updating games you don’t play or limiting your network connectivity with background updates. To prevent Steam from updating games in the background: With Steam properly optimized, Windows 10 will be ready for AAA games.

Adjust Windows 10 Visual Effects for Game Improvements

Your computer’s graphical user interface (GUI) can be a drag on your processing power. By default, your Windows 10 appearance settings are set to Impress. Games running in the foreground can conflict with a bright GUI running in the background. Adjust these settings to optimize Windows 10 gaming performance.

Maximum power plan to improve Windows 10 gaming performance

Power options are often overlooked due to their supposedly negligible effect. Some gamers claim that tuning for higher performance works, while others don’t notice any difference when changing their PC’s power settings. The only way to know for sure is to test it on your PC. To change your power settings:

Keep your Windows 10 drivers updated to improve gaming performance

Your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the core of your PC gaming experience. However, the GPU requires the latest Windows driver to keep it running faster and better. All graphics cards, no matter how old or new, benefit from continually updated drivers. To check your GPU name and specs:

Final Words

We hope you like our article about How to optimize your gaming pc. We have; After all, PCs are versatile devices, so if you haven’t customized your desktop or spent money on a good gaming laptop, yours may not be pre-configured for gaming.

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