How to Organize iPhone apps with this trick – Guide

litter phones come with various smart hacks that can improve smartphone user experience. one of those features includes a quick and easy way to organize your apps on your iPhone home screen and subsequent pages. With the seemingly infinite number of apps out there, most users often have too many apps on their phones resulting in a pretty cluttered environment. phone screen. However, if you have an iPhone that uses iOS 14 or later, your device offers the ability to organize multiple apps at once. However, iOS offers a quick and easy way to organize iPhone apps, allowing you to move multiple apps to your home screen at once. This trick was introduced in iOS 14, so it works on any iPhone that has at least this version of Apple’s smartphone operating system. With the plethora of apps available on iPhones, it’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed by endless icons on your home screen.

How to organize your apps

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