How to organize your phone apps – Guide

It’s not just your work area or that closet in your house that looks messy. Our cell phones can also look sloppy. we are piling up up downloads from our favorite app stores, as our iPhones and Android devices accommodate more apps thanks to generous storage increases. Even with all the folders, widgets and other tools to help us keep track of our apps, our phones it may still look confusing. I have so many apps on my iPhone that I often forget I downloaded something while browsing through many screens in my own app search. This, however, need not be the case. There are methods to control chaos and keep a smartphone more organized. Here are some suggestions for organizing your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphone.

Delete apps and clean decks

Scroll through and clear any apps you don’t want or still like, but want to pull from your screen as a shortcut. On iPhone, press and hold an app until a pop-up appears with several options, including deleting the app or editing the home screen. When you edit the home screen, you will see all the apps shake. Tapping the minus sign allows you to delete the app or upload it to your app library, which means you keep the app but get rid of the onscreen shortcut. Still in the edition home screen mode (apps are still shaking), by clicking on the dots along the bottom of the screen, you can delete all home screens to speed up up the process. The process works similarly on Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy, tapping and holding an app to remove the shortcut or the app itself.

organizing your phone apps

Here comes the fun part: figuring out how you want to organize your apps. Here are some options:

Create folders

If you prefer to have as few screens as possible to scroll through, folders are your best bet. On iPhone and Android, tap and hold an app and move it with your finger over another app to create a folder. Then you can name it whatever you like. For example, you might have a folder for gaming apps, one for social media, and one for shopping apps.

Widgets provide a view

The good thing about widgets is that you can take a quick look at information without having to open the app. For example, you need a view of the weather, or the next appointment that appears through your calendar app. To add one on iPhone, you return to this issue home screen function, then press the plus sign in the upper left corner. this pulls up all the available widgets you can add, ranging in size from smaller squares to rectangles that can fill the screen width. On Samsung devices, tap and hold an empty spot on the screen, then choose widgets.

Thematic home screens

Combined with widgets, you can have separate screens, each carrying a specific theme. You might have a “work” screen, for example, where your office email and related apps reside, then a separate “fun” screen that you can swipe to access games or other digital entertainment.

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