Guide: How to Overcome Block and Become Successful Blogger

It is day 4 of a five-day project that you should have completed by now. You have to pull all night, but you can’t think of anything interesting to sayDo not worry; you’ll be fine, despite that inner alarm that tells you otherwise. It shouldn’t be writer’s block. What can happen is a lot like erectile dysfunction. The problem is not in your head, but a symptom of another illness, such as stress. In most cases, it’s not like you can’t make an idea or two work for your project. The problem is something else that shows up as writer’s block or a weak brain. Any number of chemical imbalances can cause a weak brain. The question is: how do you overcome having a number of ideas on the table and getting paid? Be here 6 of mine tricks of the trade to help you.

Clear your mind

I always thought that clearing my mind meant meditating and concentrating on nothing, like a monk trying to find inner harmony. The truth is, if you want to clear your head of all the trash, you want to go in the opposite direction. Exercise is the fastest way to get there. If you don’t smoke, run away. Run until the fire has come and gone, and little is left of your reserves except what can scrape your willpower from the bottom of your soul shoes. If you don’t run grab an exercise bike and pedal as hard as you can instead. When you meet your third wind, it will be there a moment of clarity that you will remember for the rest of your life. (Run this plan through your doctor before diving right in.) Once you’ve been through this life-changing state, lift back to your computer. You’re done, grasshopper.

Find what’s not there

If exercise isn’t your thing and you’d rather sit in your recliner, don’t sweat it. There are other ways to generate an original idea. For example, check out a popular, mainstream news website and search for the topic you should write. Take notes and draw a line between the messages that are related, and note why. Then take a look at social media and watch what topics are trending and what is being saidCompare this with the results of the news website. Now for the most essential part of this exercise … ignore it. Throw out all that work. Look at the overall popularity of topics and comments as well find out what hasn’t been said. Something has been neglected in the past 24 hours, and it is your job to the point that it becomes apparent. The ideas are waiting for you!

Free writing practice

My favorite idea generating exercise is free writing. Take the topic you are struggling with and write it in bold letters across the top of five blank sheets of paper. Underline it and close your eyes for a moment, just think about the subject Now forget it and just start writingStart with random words in random order. You will start writing sentences in about a minute. They may have nothing to do with each other, but they are sentences, and that indicates progress. Keep writing, no matter what is happening around you. In a few minutes, your subconscious will begin to give you words related to the topic. If you’re on page five, stop and read the last two pages. You will be amazed at what you will find. Basically you are making you subconscious mind to take control of your hand and feed the ideas buried beneath the surface. That chemical imbalance can’t keep your mind from coming up with ideas. It just prevents you from recognizing them by the clutter.

Where is your inspiration?

If you need inspiration, turn to the person you are in love with. If you’re not in a relationship right now, that’s okay. The fact is that we all have something that inspires us to get better than we think we are. Believe it or not, around these sources of inspiration à ¢  ?? A ?? are they people, places or things à ¢  ?? A ?? we are at our best. For me is one inspirational book or movie can bring out a man in me who wants to succeed. You know that point in a movie where the good guy was beaten badly for an hour and a quarter and then grabbed the fist in his hand that flies in for the deadly shot? “My turn,” our hero says, and we’re ready to jump out of our seats and roar, “YEAH! Now someone is going to PAY!” By the time the credits roll, I’ll be passionately ready to write à ¢  ?? A ?? or rumbling. The movie “Remember the Titans” is quite uplifting to me.

To be insanely pointless

Being ridiculous in content writing is not wise, except in the inspiration creation stage. like you can’t find an original idea in your brain, get ridiculous. Write the wildest and most meaningless prose that comes to mind that relates to the subject. This form of freewriting will surprise you. If you have enough material, go through it and see how much of that nonsense applies, as written in a different voiceSome of my best things came from being ridiculous and then editing the crazy stuff and making it into something that makes sense.

Keep those eyes closed

Ironically, it was my wife who pointed out my biggest weakness when it comes to getting blocked. She had recognized the trend years before, but thought I would understand myself. “When was the last time you slept continuously for more than a few hours?” she asked. Then it hit me. I had written for 14 hours and this was my MO (Modus Operandi). ‘You work all night and all the next morning, only take a break here and there and then wonder why your brain stops? You do this at least once a week and you have been doing this for years. You’re 53 years old for God’s sake. You have to go to sleep, and not that half sleep, jump up in two hours, energy drink caused a semi-coma that you put yourself into. Make sure you really go to sleep If you cram 48 hours of work into a 24-hour writing marathon, you’ll see some road signs along the way. If you have already gone through menopause or “manopause”, you are particularly susceptible to this sickness of some timers, where you sometimes forget to think. Sleep for eight hours and call me in the morning.

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