How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Switch – Guide

Context up Wireless Bluetooth headphones with a Nintendo Switch used to be a multi-step process – and a bit expensive. First you needed headphones, then you needed a Bluetooth audio transmitter that plugged into your Switch’s headphone jack or the downward facing USB-C port. Well, after about four years, Nintendo surprised us with a system update that finally allows this. feature natively – no accessories needed. Some Bluetooth transmitters, like Genki’s Switch adapter, may still be worth investing in if you want to connect multiple headphones at the same time (Switch allows only one headphone to be paired at a time). But if it’s just you and your Switch, the latest process is no more complicated than pairing headphones with your smartphone. Unfortunately, Bluetooth audio on the Switch has some limitations that the device will warn you about. once the feature is enabled, only two wireless controllers can be paired with the console. You must turn off Bluetooth audio if you want to connect additional controllers. Also, you cannot find lost controllers or change control/order in controller menu while connected. Wireless audio has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch, which previously required players to connect via headphone jack. Nintendo actually added Bluetooth functionality in an April 2021 firmware update that was believed to be a setup for the Switch Pro, but it only went live this week. When you’re ready to go wireless.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Switch

Using built-in Bluetooth

First of all, make sure your Nintendo Switch is up to date. Bluetooth pairing feature It’s only available on the latest versions of the Switch OS, so you’ll need to update to unlock it. Your Switch should let you know when an update is available, but you can manually check by opening System Settings and scrolling down to the System tab. After updating: Once connected, all sound will pass through the Bluetooth headphones until they are disconnected. In the future, devices should connect automatically. You can disconnect or unpair your headphones from the Switch by returning to this menu and selecting your headphones. But connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Switch comes with some restrictions.

Using a Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth adapters are small dongles that plug into your Switch’s charging port or dock and allow you to connect Bluetooth devices. They don’t just have to be headphones – some, like the 8BitDo wireless adapter, let you connect non-Nintendo controllers to your Switch, too.

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