How To Pair Xbox And PS4 Controller With iPad or iPhone – Guide

The DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers were originally designed to operate on their respective consoles, but thanks to recent Apple software updates, you can more easily pair them via Bluetooth with your iOS 13 device, iPadOS tablet, or your Apple TV running tvOS. 13 couple. Android 10 also makes it easy to pair both controllers, and you can pair with earlier versions of Android and iOS as well. This will likely be of particular interest if you subscribe to Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, as you can play many of the games offered on either service with one controller. Fortnite paved the way for expanding controller support when it came to select phones but both PS4 and Xbox controllers (although not all Xbox controllers) work mobile with more games than ever before, and most importantly, many offer these games with native support for their button layouts. The setup process up Wireless DualShock 4 and Xbox controller with your device is simple, but setup details will vary slightly depending on the controller you have and the operating system you are pairing the controller with. We will find all the following variables.

How to pair or unpair a PS4 controller with your iPhone or iPad

How to pair an Xbox controller with your iPhone or iPad

Before proceeding, make sure you have the right Xbox wireless controller with you, as not all of them support Bluetooth connectivity.

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