Password protection of files is an excellent approach to only allowing access to certain users. You can decide who has access to the internal files by doing this. It acts as the first barrier between unauthorized users and compressed files. Plus, it protects your files in case spyware or a hacker gains access to your computer. Prevent prying eyes from peeking into your private documents by providing a password. mentioned below are the steps to password protect a ZIP file on Windows.

Steps to Password Protect a ZIP File in Windows

Password protect a zip file with WinRAR

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download winrar from its official website. step 2: open the Zip file with WinRAR Step 3: From the menu items, select “Tools” and choose “convert files“. You can also press Alt + Q on the keyboard to do this quickly. step 4: Click on the “Compression” button of the pop-up that shows. Step 5: Click in “Set password” in the next pop-up that shows. Step 6: Enter the password of your choice in the “Type the password” and confirm in the “Retype password for verification” field and click “OK”. Step 7: Click in “OK” again. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to encrypt the converted files. click in Yea. Step 8: Click in “OK” again. WinRAR will now go through the process of protecting your zip file with the password you set. The larger the file, the longer it takes.

Password protect a zip file with 7-Zip

Step 1: Download the 7-Zip app from your website and install it. step 2: Right-click the folder you want to zip and hover over the 7-Zip option. At the menu that appears while you hover, select “add to file“. step 3: At the “Cryptography” section, enter the desired password in the “Type the password” and confirm in the “Enter the password again” field. step 4: Click in “OK” to finally create the zip file and protect it with a password.

Final Words

We hope that our article on “How to Password protect a ZIP file on Windows” will certainly help you to do that. The practice of exchanging and storing files in zip files is very widespread. There is always a chance that someone else could access your personal files. Your files are protected with a password protected zip file from prying eyes. n The best choice for maximum file security is not zip files. However, the first line of security against hackers accessing your file is password protection. It’s like discovering a treasure but not being able to open it because you don’t have the right key.

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