How to Password Protect External Hard Drive – Guide

External hard drives are extremely useful because of their portability. Many are taken on the go, especially for business workers with large or time-sensitive files; They can be taken from home to work and vice versa without having to take an entire computer with you. They are also useful for quickly sharing large amounts of data between work computers, as USB transfers are faster than using the Internet. Unfortunately, by default they can be accessed from any computer they are connected to. So if your external hard drive stores important data, you should encrypt and password protect the drive. An external hard drive is equivalent to mobile storage that performs data storage simply by connecting it to a computer. You can use an external hard drive to backup up files, free up SSD/HDD space or transferring files, especially large files, from one computer to another. External hard drive is becoming more and more popular because it is small, big in capacity and easy to carry around. An external hard drive can contain important and confidential files, including private personal information, family photos, tax and financial information, credentials, and more. Considering the security of your data, you should encrypt and password protect your external hard drive to prevent ulterior motives from stealing your data.

Password protect external hard drive with Windows BitLocker

You can password protect external hard drives by enabling BitLocker. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. THE feature is available at: If you are using one of the above Windows operating systems, follow the steps below to password protect external hard drives with Windows BitLocker.

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