How to password protect PS Store purchases on PS5 – Guide

As a new PlayStation 5 user, I’ve bought a lot of games on the console and you’re probably doing the same. Typically, however, you may inadvertently purchase a game or merchandise. Or for those who live in a family with roommates or relatives, chances are someone else is placing an order from your PS account. Or maybe your child also uses the PlayStation and you want to make sure they don’t rush shopping. If that sounds reasonable to you, here is the right way to password protect PS Store purchases on PS5.

How to Password Protect Your User Account on PS5

If your main concern is to protect your account from accidental purchases made by specific people on a shared console, you definitely need to enable password security for purchases on your PS5. Also, if you don’t want to let anyone else play on your account, a PIN is the best secure option. However, make sure your account is not set to automatically sign in to PlayStation 5. Here we will focus on both topics. Also, steps to ensure that no one accidentally starts playing games from your PS5 account. Now let’s start our journey to secure our shared PS5 profile.

Disable automatic login on PS5

This is the initial step to secure your PS5 user account. All you have to do is follow the step below carefully to disable auto login on PS5.

Setting a User PIN on PlayStation 5

You have the option to set a PIN to access your PS5 user account. Now, follow the steps below to set a user PIN on PlayStation 5. Now, you don’t have to worry about your PS5 account because it is now protected with a password, or we say PIN. That’s it! Now, what if you ever want to remove that PIN. Do not worry! You just need to follow Step 3 to retaliate this process.

Remove User PIN on PlayStation 5

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