How to Pin a File in MS Teams – Guide

Want to make all your important documents visible? To easily manage and access your files in Microsoft Teams, pin them to the top of the file tab. We will teach you how in this post! The file will be available at the top of each channel if it is pinned to the File tab. While the file tab in a Microsoft team channel provides a reliable place to put the files your team needs access to, all of which are automatically backed up up in SharePoint, this comes at a cost: if you have a large number of files in a list, you can no longer discover them quickly.

How to Pin a file in Microsoft Teams

To pin a file in Teams to the top, follow the steps below. Start Microsoft Teams. To pin documents to the top of your team channel, select the document file and click the circle to the left of the file name. Then click on the three dots on the toolbar. Select the Pin to Top option. The other method is to right-click the document and select Pin to Top. In Microsoft Teams, you can pin a maximum of three files to the top of the file list. To unpin the file from the list, select the pin file and click the three dots on the toolbar. Click on the Edit Pin option. Then select Unpin. The other method to unpin the document is to right-click the document and select Unpin. You can also change the order of files if you have more than one by selecting the file. Then click on the Edit Pin button. Select Move Left or Move Right from the drop-down menu.

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