How to pin File Explorer to the taskbar in Windows 11 PC – Guide

As a free upgrade through Windows Update and the Windows 11 Setup Assistant on eligible Windows 10 devices. Windows 11 features major changes to the Windows shell that were impacted by the discontinued Windows 10X, including a redesigned Start menu, replacing its “live tiles” with a separate “widgets” panel in the taskbar, the ability to create tiled sets of windows that can be minimized and restored from the taskbar as a group and new gaming technologies inherited from the Xbox Series X and Series S such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage on compatible hardware. It would be an understatement to say that the taskbar in Windows 11 is a useful tool. In this new iteration of the Windows OS, the taskbar is more icon-oriented and the ability to pin your most-used apps is an added benefit. This is not only practical, but it also saves time in the long run. However, Windows has removed some useful tools like the toolbar in Windows 11, and now adding folders and files to the taskbar is a challenge. We have a little solution. So if you want yours laptop’s to be the focal point of all the important stuff, you can pin Windows 11 file explorer and folders to the taskbar.

How to Pin File Explorer to Windows 11 Taskbar

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