How to play 1v1 in COD Mobile – Guide

O mobile Call of Duty has taken significant steps in its journey as a game and now offers several game modes that are popular with its well-deserved fan base. One of them can be found in the 1v1 Duel game mode, which started in final from season 6. The mode was only available for the Saloon map and was the lowest COD Mobile map already designed. But 1v1 mode has been removed from Call of Duty Mobile after some time, which angered some players who admired the game mode. Is it possible to participate in 1v1 battles in Call of Duty Mobile playing in private rooms available on almost all multiplayer maps. We recommend that you play 1v1 matches at the lowest COD Mobile maps like Reclaim, Shipment 1944, Cage, Killhouse and Rust. Below are the steps to play 1v1 in COD Mobile.

How to play 1v1 in COD Mobile

To start a 1v1 match in COD Mobile, players would first have to create a private room. Follow the steps below to create one: After creating the private room, follow the steps below to play a 1v1 match in COD Mobile:

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