How to Play Metroid Dread on PC – Guide

Metroid Dread was released a few days ago on Nintendo Switch, but is already being emulated on PC. It also appears to be operating reasonably well, with mid-range and better PCs producing 60 frames per second. Yuzu seems to be the emulator of choice for performance, despite the fact that it’s apparently harder to define. up than Ryujinx. Whichever solution you choose, the operation will take some time and effort. Yes, it’s totally legal as long as you have access to a Nintendo Switch and a legitimate copy of the game. Fortunately, the emulator’s official website has a very clear step-by-step configuration. tutorial for yuzu. It covers everything from disposing of prod.keys, title.keys, firmware files and game images to structuring them in a way that yuzu can understand.


to get yuzu up and running, you will need to dump the prod.keys and title.keys files from your Nintendo Switch so that the emulator can decrypt your game files. Some games also require console firmware files to function properly. And, of course, you will need to discard the game itself. The procedure for this will be different depending on whether you have purchased a digital copy of the game through the eShop or have a cartridge. All of this requires a Nintendo switch that is vulnerable to the fusée gelée RCM exploit, which was fixed with the revised 2019 switch and the Nintendo Lite switch. You can check whether or not your switch is vulnerable to such exploitation by entering its serial number into the switch’s serial number checker online at As for the PC running the emulator, a dedicated mid-level or better GPU should help consistently produce a high frame rate, although CPU decoding appears to be comparable, as long as your system is powered by a high-end CPU. A look at the web, as well as our own experience with the emulator, would suggest that the emulator makes no effort to maintain a decent FPS on Metroid Dread, even on reasonably outdated hardware.


The configuration is detailed in the official yuzu quick start guide guide. the author of guide estimates the duration of the process at 60 to 90 minutes. After completing all steps in the guide, start the emulator, select Emulation>Configure from the menu above and set up your entry in the controls section. If you have a gamepad connected to your PC, you can switch it under Input Device. You may also want to play around with the settings in Graphics to get the best results for your system. If you have a dedicated GPU, you might want to switch NVDEC emulation to GPU Decoding and Shader Backend to GLASM, as long as it’s an NVIDIA card.

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