Remote Play, a feature This one streams games from your PS5 console to your phone using the screen as a display device, performs this operation. Despite its name, Remote Play cannot be used very far away because you must be on the same network as your PS5. However, Remote Play is a great choice for times when you’re on the go. home but doesn’t have access to the TV, like when he’s in bed, watching a show, or yes, even when he’s using the bathroom. The PlayStation 5 is a genuine “Next Gen” console and a huge success. You can also play all these games on your iPhone or iPad if you already like it and its amazing visuals. No matter where you are, you can play your PS5 remotely using an iPhone or an iPad. We have mentioned below the steps to play PS5 games on iOS devices.

Steps to Play PS5 Games on iOS Devices

Install PS Remote Play on your iPhone or iPad

Add your iPhone or iPad to the console’s Remote Play devices

If you are using high-end hardware, make sure your PS4 has system software version 7.02 or higher. If not, go to System Software Update in the main Settings menu. I should have downloaded it myself. The latest build will be checked, downloaded and installed.

Final Words

It’s a real joy to be able to play your PS5 remotely. With the ability to play the latest games on your iPhone or iPad, lunch in the kitchen no longer requires you to interrupt an immersive gaming session. Also, waiting in lines while out and about is now enjoyable. We hope that our article on “How to Play PS5 Games on iOS Devices” will surely help you to do that.

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