How To Play PUBG Mobile On A Laptop Or PC – Guide

Players of Unknown Battlegrounds, also popularly known as PUBG, is one of the most popular games in the world. You find people playing PUBG in cafes, schools, on the couch, in offices, in all demographics and locations. This is a common view now. Of course, playing the game on mobile it’s definitely fun, but since we use our thumbs extensively to play it, we have a very limited scope in terms of gameplay. Yes, there are some generic gamepads you can use with the phone, but they also don’t help much. When it comes to gaming, nothing can beat the flexibility of a keyboard and mouse, right? But we can play PUBG Mobile on our PC and Laptop? the answer is yes! Tencent recently launched its official PUBG Mobile emulator that lets you play it on PC or Laptop also. And guess what’s even more exciting? You don’t even need high-end hardware to run the game.

Installing PUBG Lite on your PC

Installing PUBG on your PC

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