How to Play Secret Surfing Game of Edge Browser – Guide

Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting better and better. One of the most recent changes is the permanent inclusion of what was once an easter egg: an offline surfing game. The game was first released as part of a larger announcement of the new Edge logo, but is now accessible for regular games. Please note that the game is currently only accessible in Microsoft Edge Canary or Dev versions, which you can download here. However, it will eventually make its way to the main version of Edge, where it will be playable by anyone.

How to Play Edge Browser Secret Surfing Game

To find the surfing game, type “edge://surf” into the Edge browser’s search bar and you’re done. If you have a controller connected to your PC via Bluetooth, you can play with it – and I won’t say you should, but I will say that I scored higher in all three modes with the controller than I did with my keyboard. It’s actually a really fun game. The most Ski-Free of the modes is “Let’s Surf”, where you surf the filthiest ocean in the world while trying to escape the tentacles of a purple sea monster. You have heart and energy, and you will have to avoid obstacles as much as you can. You start the game in Let’s Surf mode, but you can change modes by going to the settings menu at the top right. You can also use this menu to activate high visibility mode (which adds more clearly defined boxes around the surfer and obstacles) and reduced speed mode. The second mode is the time trial, which is a race, as the name implies. This one was punitive, I don’t mind telling you. I haven’t pulled out that many hairs since I played Trials Rising. The third mode is “Zig Zag”, in which users have to navigate through as many gates as possible, using the game’s diagonal movement to try to hit their marks. Neither mode has the frenetic energy of Let’s Surf, but it’s still fun fun.

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