How to play Xbox games on phone – Guide

Microsoft is now catching up with its own streaming service, several years after Sony debuted Remote Play with the PlayStation 4. Of course, Windows PC customers could connect their Xbox One console to the local network and stream it. However, unlike PlayStation 4 users, they couldn’t stream their games anywhere else. Everything has changed now. Microsoft now offers two ways to stream Xbox One games to one mobile device: Directly from the console, not just on Microsoft’s cloud homee. Here’s the kicker: Remote Play is only available on iOS and Android outside of home network. Only Android users have access to cloud-based games. Microsoft’s recent updates to the Xbox OS and software have made the process of streaming games to your Xbox a lot easier. mobile device. Settings are kept as simple as possible, so there’s less confusion and more fun. Following are the prerequisites:

Prepare the console.

About mobile – Pair a controller

These instructions are based on the latest versions of Android 10 (seen above) and iOS 14. These instructions may differ depending on whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or another Android phone. These instructions are based on the assumption that you already own an Xbox One and that it is linked to your account. The Xbox app now has a set Up a console feature, however, is just for setting up a new console, so please disregard it.

broadcast from cloud

This feature is only available if you have the Ultimate Game Pass, which costs $15 a month. With this bundle, you can stream not only your purchased Xbox games, but also over 100 titles from the current game pass catalogue. These games cannot be streamed from the cloud using the Xbox app; instead, the Xbox Games Pass app is required.

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