How to Play YouTube Videos on Loop in Android – Guide

YouTube activated mobile devices have gotten, or at least appear to have, a looping video option that lets you repeat currently playing content for as long as you like. Hello co” button has been around for a long time on the desktop version of the video sharing site, but is missing from YouTube in mobile devices. According to us, the option was introduced a few days ago, with the icon finding a new place in the overflowing three-dot menu available when you watch a video. We haven’t seen the option on our own test devices yet, but there are growing reports of the option on Twitter, suggesting the rollout has started in earnest. The ability to loop a long music mixing video is one of the reasons why we can predict that this will be of great benefit to YouTube users in mobile. That way, you don’t have to keep tapping the “Repeat” button button. If you have the option, you will find it between “Quality” and “Subtitles” buttons.

How to play YouTube videos in loop on Android

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