Guide: How to Post Qual­i­ty Videos on Vine

With only six seconds allowed per Vine video, users don’t get much time to really see your production skills shine. Still, Vine has blown it up since the debut and many of the Vines going viral have different production components. It’s not just six seconds old-fashioned home video more. Three tips for you six seconds to shine | Yeamake / Fortunately, the Vine app includes a number of tools that can help you with sparring up your videos and make them a little more professional. If you want to become a successful Vine user, you need these tools to create great quality clips. Watch three pro tips in Vine that can help you post superior content.

1. Use the built-in level

No one wants to watch an unstable or warped video, so don’t post one on Vine. The easiest way to do this is to use Vine’s built-in spirit level, which can make sure your video is as stable as possible and completely horizontal.

To use the level, tap the button in Vine to create a new video. Check out the tools at the bottom and tap the wrench for additional options. If you tap the grid icon, the camera view for a bit of alignment help, but tapping the grid icon again turns it into feature in a level. With the feature on the screen you will know that your video is completely straight when the left and right lines turn green and line up with the level in the middle. While recording, try to keep the image completely horizontal at all times to minimize jitter and jarring images. This is very difficult in practice, so achieving perfection is not necessary.

2. Add music and ‘Snap to Beat’

Music herbs up every video clip and luckily Vine now has its own music library that you can freely use for your Vines. If you tap the music icon when creating a new Vine, you can open up your own music library to use or browse Vine’s collection. When you find a song that you like, tap it and trim it to fit the video clip.

Better yet, Vine has one feature called Snap to Beat, extremely useful for creating perfect loops. Just tap the switch next to Snap to Beat when adding audio to turn it on. It analyzes the audio and perfectly trims the video and audio at the end of a beat, so the clip automatically repeats at the perfect time instead of cutting off the sound on an uncomfortable part of the song. Many users repeat Vines over and over, so this is the key to smooth playback.

3. Edit your videos outside of the app

Vine allows you to import videos from your photo library to use, so you don’t have to film every Vine directly in the app. Since many other apps offer significantly more powerful video editing tools, you might consider editing your clip together outside of Vine and then importing six seconds worth posting. Some free options for external video editing include Apple’s own iMovie on iOS, VivaVideo for iOS or Android, and 10app for iOS or Android. Tip For video editing software on PC or Mac, you can check out Guiding Tech’s comprehensive list of recommendations.

If you have a professional clip, complete with text overlays, filters, special effects, stabilization, or a host of other enhancements, just tap the New Vine icon in Vine and select the Import icon at the bottom. Your viewers will start to appreciate your newfound video production skills, even if they are only on the showcase for six seconds.

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